Septic Tank System Maintenance

Call 989-224-1802 for septic tank services in St. Johns, MI

Your rural household can depend upon G.A. Hunt Excavating and Septic Service in St. Johns, Michigan to help you maintain your septic tank and drain fields in excellent condition. Call 989-224-1802 for assistance in resolving septic tank and drain field concerns. We offer a comprehensive septic tank system maintenance service to real estate developers and residents of the St. Johns, Michigan area.

Septic Tank Maintenance & Repair

We recommend pumping out septic tanks on a regular three to four year basis. You can ask us to perform this service in the St. Johns, Michigan area. We maintain two specialized pumper trucks.

24-Hour Emergency Septic System Service

If you encounter an unexpected septic tank or drain field issue, we maintain a convenient 24-hour emergency service. Call upon us to help keep your septic tank in good repair. We install both new and replacement septic tanks.